"Our mission is the great commission"  (Mt 28:18-20)

Welcome! We are glad you could join us.  When you come to FLCC, expect an upbeat, Bible centered service, with an emphasis on relationships.

First off, dress how you feel comfortable.  If that’s in jeans or in a suit - wear what you like!  

In our 90 minute service we have a number “elements”:

WORSHIP - Singing and praising God for all that He does.  Don’t worry the words are up on the screen.

“The MESSAGE” -  A current, Biblically inspired message with a focus on today’s issues.

“REMEMBERING JESUS” - This is our communion.  You do not have to participate, but we would love you to!

“GIVING BACK TO GOD” -  Our time to “tithe”.  Do not feel like you have to give, there is no pressure here!

Our service is very relaxed and laid back.  Drink coffee while listen to the service and enjoy the presence of God at our service.

If you have any questions - just ask!